Life Goals
Be a leader in UX + Product design 
Learn to ride a bike in NYC traffic
Get my scuba diving OpenWater PADI 
Do a Tough Mudder
Get my Day Skipper qualification
Spend a night in a hammock
Do a rock climbing course
Be divemaster qualified
Give a talk to a really big audience
Write a book
Learn a new language
Get a masters degree in HCI
Go on a Meditation and Yoga retreat
Epic Adventures
Ride horses in Antelope Canyon
RV Camp through Reykjavik
Cross a desert
Long distance sailing trip
Dog Sledging adventure​​​​​​​
Walk the great Wall of China
Be in an all female expedition
Be on a isolated/deserted island
Visit one of the really cold places
Explore the Sunshine Coast
See the Northern Lights
Dive in the Great Barrier Reef Australia
Swim with sharks
Ride the Trans-Siberian Railway
Explore the wilderness of Alaska
Hot Air Balloon ride in Cappadocia
See a blue whale
Swim with turtles
Boat trip around the Galapagos islands
Hike in the Swiss Alps
Camp in Yellowstone National Park

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