Community Collaborations
Reclypt x Tri

Mending Club - 
I have been working with Reclypt to co-host local mending events, focusing on teaching basic clothing repair techniques and changing our relationship with the longevity of our clothing.
Past events: Darning workshop, hand sewing, clothing swaps, mending circle | Future events: Dyeing with food scraps, upcycling

Reclypt is an alternative to fast fashion. Their vision is to cultivate the upcycled fashion community and promote and raise awareness for upcycled fashion.
Green Revitalization Outreach Workforce (GROW)

A 4 week conservation program in O'ahu, with primary host partners on the North Shore in Pupukea (Waimea Valley) and on the southern windward side in Kailua (Enchanted Gardens). Externs are embedded in community initiatives, municipal programs, nurseries, farms, and Native Hawaiian conservation groups. From coastal hiking, beach clean-ups to invasive plant remediation at botanical gardens to learning about the day-to-day at a Hawai’ian native plant nursery, each day of this program is designed to provide real world experience and deepen participant’s understanding of ecological systems. 

More information here about getting involved:

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