Team Collaboration Model

Through survey and retrospective feedback, we learned there was an opportunity to centralize our communication around platform alignment and consistency. I assessed our current way of communicating and rolled out a plan to establish a Stewardship group in order to guide conversations in a more structured way.
Our new model mitigates our once siloed communication while reducing our communication touchpoint from 70+ UX team members to 5 dedicated product vertical stewards, whom we meet with twice a month vs. accommodating Ad-hoc requests daily.
Monthly Newsletter
I write a monthly newsletter sharing out Design System milestones to stakeholders, and fellow team leads. The goal of the newsletter is to increase visibility and to tease what is next. As a fun bonus, I share design work from leaders in the industry in hope to inspire and promote innovation. 
Additionally, I have facilitated:
Heuristic Evaluations (partnered with UX Research)
Component Audits
Design System Onboarding Guide
Design System Intake Process
Design Team Skillset Mapping
Design Interviews
Design QA
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