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A retirement tool that illustrates a variety of savings strategies, and in different stages of retirement.
• Illustrate whether a client is currently on track to achieve his or her retirement income goal and develop a plan for your client to help close the income gap.
•Estimate the sustainable lifetime income your client could generate each year during retirement and build a plan to help your client stay on track.
Design Strategy
Interaction, Visual design
Prototyping & Testing
Project Scoping
The former iRetire tool struggled with several usability issues
User feedback indicated that people found that the flow was unintuitive. There was also an opportunity to update the feature to use the new design patterns as well as opportunities for cross pollination within tools.

•Product landing page: it was difficult to tell which tool you were using because the marketing content/language did not line up with tool verbiage
•Input config: three flows contain variations of this screen, unclear which tool you are using or what its for
•Subsections of page were not discoverable (nav)
•Parts of tool unintentionally looked disabled
•"Start Over" is button hidden below fold
•User loses context of data visualization when moving through sections
After understanding the flowchart, I was able to identify areas where we could provide more consistency for the user.

•Simplify page
•Improve hierarchy 
•Daisy components will be familiar to users of the AC user base

The following changes were made across the three distinct flows:
•One-page simplified flow, making the page more document like
•For hierarchal purposes, adding consistent headers on sections, and subsections
•Ability to restart configuration stats in header
•Sticky data viz (future component) help user contextualize more quickly
•Side navigation is more discoverable, and informs users of where they are in the process
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