On Demand Food App
Mobile application created for start-up venture hoping to change what the lunch hour means for people looking to eat locally and/or share homemade prix fixe lunch.
Since the year 2016, fast food purchasing has been down twenty-three percent. Through research of consumer data, we discovered two out of three people prefer home-cooked meals, but only if its fast. Home-cooked and fast? That seems like an unlikely combination. The concept of Localtarian is to connect consumers to local chefs and small business that offer alternatives to fast food. Eating locally and sustainably can be a daunting change to your lifestyle.
The Localtarian app connects people to a network of like minded people who want to eat locally, and support small business, overall making it more accessible. This industry is virtually untapped by competitors, and they often fall short when providing a service that puts both the consumer and the merchant first.

Challenges we face are making it feel both human and easy to understand. Users should feel this is just as easy as grabbing fast food and have zero percent of the regret. The experience should feel like that of sharing a meal or recommendation with a friend. The Product team re-imaged Localtarian's existing site through a discovery process where we conduct research and assembled our proposed solutions.

Leading flow and wireframes, I dug into research and shared examples of successful user flows in B2C apps. After completing a site audit of their existing site and taking a deeper looking into competitors, I began rough paper sketches and white boarding low-fidelity user flows to discover moments of potential drop out. Using insights from these processes as references I developed a content map of individual pages on the site. Using this as a structure, I continued to design wireframes for the consumer side of the app while keeping the merchant side consistent. It was important to unite the look-and-feel because every consumer was a potential merchant.
Discovery Phase
Interview questions probed at gaining a better understanding frustrations of food ordering process, the relationships people have with their local vendors, and how the features that Localtarian provides encourages more community engagement and mindful eating, locally.

After synthesizing the information from our research, competitive analysis, and interviews I created a low-fidelity empathy map to provide a clear overview of our user type.
Users found themselves taking risks when ordering from a new place. There is a lack of reliability and familiarity for those who have relationships with their local shops and especially for those who are willing to try new vendors but have limited time to learn new purchasing flows.
The team presented a sitemap that would provide a more personalized approach for users attempting to explore local food options. Through research we found that it was difficult for users to decide what to have for lunch on a given day, due to the multitude of vague options. So through the lens of the case studies, the team decided to solve this problem by showcasing how simple it was to used Localtarian, without even logging in. The low-fidelity screens showcase both visitor and user journey.
Intended to highlight more specifically what Localtarian can provide, and its value through specific features. Through this page the following are accessible: Menu feed, Explore local food choices, View past orders on a foodscape map (gamified), messaging to local chefs and other users (send kudos), and followers page.
Search the map for local offerings of the day. You are able to favorite them. One-click purchase available for registered users. Through interactions with this section, statistical data is curated into customized user infographics.
A gamified screen, you can view where you've eaten, what people have said about you, pick up tokens for free meals, and more.
Round 1 of logo concepts
MVP Screens​​​​​​​
A gamified screen, you can view where you've eaten, what people have said about you, pick up tokens for free meals, and more.
A R E   Y O U  A   L O C A L T A R I A N ?​​​​​​​
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