Audio Configuration App
Vessel Acoustics seeks to create an off-the-shelf-solution for XYZ. This mobile application serves as the software component to the physical hardware that is being manufactured. The tool seeks to provide high quality sound at an attainable price point. The app will provide media content for the hardware, allowing a wide variety of users to customize their audio library. 
Leading flow and wireframes, I dug into research and shared examples of successful user flows in B2C apps. After completing a site audit of their existing site and taking a deeper looking into competitors, I began rough paper sketches and white boarding low-fidelity user flows to discover moments of potential drop out. Using insights from these processes as references I developed a content map of individual pages on the site. Using this as a structure, I continued to design wireframes for the consumer side of the app while keeping the merchant side consistent. It was important to unite the look-and-feel because every consumer was a potential merchant.​​​​​​​
1) As a power user, I seek to organize my audio library and calibrate my hardware for outdoor use.
2) As a standard user, I want to discover new sound clips for my personal project.
3) As an Audio Editor, I want to have a content management system so that I can manage and provide quality content and experience to my clients. (Chosen user story for 1st Sprint)

Ensure the Editor is able to:
• log in to the content management system
• view existing content page
• edit / update page of content
• add markup comments- save changes
• save changes
• find credits to Content Owner

C O M P E T I T I V E    A N A L Y S I S
A review of potential competitors was conducted, comparing money raised, median of current ratings and number of reviews.
The number of unique apps owned by the publisher was also considered, as well as platforms the app is available on (Android, iOS or Both?). Here is a short summary.

• Downloads only available with purchased of tiered monthly plan
• Content is curated but can be generic, and mainstream
•Doesn't show popularity of audio content - cannot determine over-saturation.
Understanding of the landscape:
• Users range from first time users (usually students) to industry professionals.
• There is a product gap for user-curated themes, playlists - people want this advice.
•Audio resources can feel like a library, how to we emote more feeling to this?
M V S  W I R E F R A M E S
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